My name is Ann, when I was in high school I'm the one who represents our class in a swimming competition in our school. Every weekend I always practice. Some of my friend invited me to play basketball but I don't want that sport. My priority is more on swimming competition. Sometimes there's a bit of water that enters at my ears but I ignore it. Actually, there are 4 swimming competition I joined. I'm still happy for that, even though I was not able to win the title at least I was able to make it to the top 5 who still have awards. And I'll do my best for that competition.

After a month's I've got strange feeling in my hearing wherein sometimes I experience crackling and popping in my ears. Sometimes I couldn't  hear clearly. I thought it's the effect of water that entered in my ears. One time my mom goes in my room she caught me crying.  And she ask, "Ann why are you crying? I said, Mom there's a little bit painful in my ear. It's almost 2 months that I'm feeling it. Mom what will I do? Ok baby we're going to the nearby ear doctor.
And the doctor advise to me to try the ear candle. It help our ears clean and keeps our hearing very clear. It can be relaxing and helps the body to heal itself of ear aches, sinus congestion migraines.

When we got home, Mom and I try to do that ear candle. "Are you sure mom I will apply it in my ears? Yes baby!! But I was scared maybe my ear will got burn and painful. "No Ann! It's not painful, I will help you how to do it. After a few minutes I applied ear candle, the heat is warming, softening and suctioning the wax out of my ear and the residue within the candle is from the candle itself. It gently clean my ears. It is a long process and I need to be patient for that. I thought it's my sacrifice for myself.  While I apply the ear candle I feel relaxed.

I was thankful at ear candling and also with the help of my loving and caring mother. Because of that I can hear now clearly. Sometimes we apply that just to have a relaxation together with my mother.

Years fast. Now I have my own family, I do ear candle to my son and there are no damaged ear drums, and doctors recommended it all the time!