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Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties

Conquering one's challenges and learning from them gives one a sense of achievement whilst one aspires to be a better person. Whilst leading his business, in 1997 simon lichtenberg (Se rendre sur la page twitter de simon lichtenberg) came under legal pressure due to the creation of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products; this was complex for him to overcome. How a hurdle is surmounted decides whether an athlete trips and falls or triumphs with the jump; this is comparable to how a business may deal with obstacles.

The Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

In the year 1988 at Fudan University in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg acquired his Chinese Language diploma. Now among the top business people on earth, he has managed to accomplish significant educational results. In 2006, Simon Lichtenberg concluded his EMBA - or Executive MBA (the Senior Executive Program for China) at Tsinghua, CEIBS and Harvard Business School.

The Noteworthy Work of Simon Lichtenberg

Entering the timber industry was Simon Lichtenberg's first venture in 1992 once he had finished his education. Lichtenberg established his own company in 1993 which ultimately progressed into the field of furniture. As an international businessman, Simon Lichtenberg is at a great advantage, owing to his multilingualism.

Simon Lichtenberg - Success in China

So many entrepreneurs enjoy establishing a business in China as the country appears to assure fortune in any venture. Launching his own manufacturing plants and offering furniture to companies within and outside of the country, Simon Lichtenberg was able to make as much as $2,500,000 profit a year. Being incredibly passionate to create his own business in China, Simon Lichtenberg ended up doing exactly that.